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Walnut Theft

Rural Crimes Task Force

Information Regarding Bulk Walnut and Large Commodity Thefts Needed for Tracking Purposes

The California State Threat Assessment Center (STAC) is attempting to track bulk walnut thefts and other large commodity thefts. If you have any information regarding large commodity thefts please contact: Debbie Davenport, Intelligence Analyst Operations and Production Supervisor California State Threat Assessment Center (STAC) 916-874-2797 (desk) 916-752-6931 (mobile) Debbie.davenport@calema.ca.gov

Local Media

Thieves Find Inventive Ways to Steal Walnuts as Prices Increase


Stockton Farmers Say Walnut Crops Are Prime Targets For Creative Thieves Thieves are targeting walnut farmers whose crops have seen a significant increase in value in recent years. The price of walnuts have more than tripled in recent years, going from 60 cents to $2 a pound. In the back of a truck, Skipp Foppiano … Continue Reading